Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Burritos & Books Bash

We had another incredible session of Burritos & Books last week as part of our Teen Summer Reading Club. The standing room-only crowd was exposed to 30 books in 75 minutes covering a variety of genres including manga, horror, historical fiction, realistic fiction, drama/music, action, food-themed (to tie in with the Reading is So Delicious theme), romance, paranormal, fairy tail retellings, and sci fi.

As if that weren't enough, they were also treated to a smorgasbord of tempting treats donated by our local Taco Bell owner, Taco Terry!

After feeding their minds with incredible books and their bellies with yummy burritos we let them loose to select which books they wanted to check out and to pick one freebie to add to their home library.

If you'd like to start a Burritos & Books program at your library, I will gladly share our Prezi (including awesome trailers), Feedback Survey, list of Booktalks, and more! Just leave a comment with your email address.