Friday, February 3, 2012

I moved...and Bubbles?

I started a new job on Monday and while I can't tell you the name of the library (County policy) I will say I'm very excited about the system and I no longer live in California. However, the name of the blog will remain the same, cause I'm always a so-Cal girl at heart.

This week I have had the opportunity to observe a number of storytimes and every one of the librarians used bubbles. I was so surprised, who knew bubbles were the rage?

 Each librarian had a version of a hello/goodbye bubble song which was nice. But I'm wondering if I could do more with the bubbles, because I really like my own hello/goodbye routine. Thoughts? Suggestions? What do you do with bubbles during storytime?

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Katherine Adams said...

First of all, congratulations on your new job!

Secondly, it's funny that you mention bubbles. My parents live in Vancouver, WA, which has an amazing new children's department in their main library. Anyway, one of my parents' neighbors takes her granddaughter to storytime there and apparently they use bubbles. Must be a Northwest thing, because I have never seen anyone use bubbles in storytime.

We did used to have a woman come to my old library to do a music and movement program, and she sometimes used bubbles towards the end of her program as a quieting method. She would play a song and the children would blow bubbles along with her. She handed out fake bubbles (just filled with water) to all the really little ones who just liked to put the bubble wands in their mouths. Apparently blowing bubbles helps children develop muscles that are important in speech (if I recall correctly). Even if you didn't want to do that, I could see incorporating bubbles into your storytime as some type of movement activity.