Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Best National Library Week Gift Ever

Yesterday I presented to six English 9 Intensive classes (these are freshmen who are reading at a 4th - 7th grade reading level) on all the "rah rah" amazing things the library has to offer to try and dispel some of the stereotypes that they probably have about libraries. These are the kids who need my help the most, but I'll admit that I left feeling deflated after some of the sessions because they were a TOUGH crowd. As I was leaving, I stopped in to say hi to the Library Media Tech and while we were chatting a student delivered a National Library Week gift to her from his class.

I was jealous that not only had one of her faculty members actually remembered that it was National Library Week, but that he was also thoughtful enough to acknowledge the hard work that librarians do and the impact they make on students by giving her a gift.

Well, I shouldn't have been jealous at all because today I received the most wonderful gift any librarian could ask for. One of the teachers that I presented for emailed me this morning and the story she told makes all my outreach totally worthwhile! Here's what she said...

This morning, one of my students came in and told me he started reading The Price of Loyalty (a book you gave away) and read 3 chapters. This is a student who does not do homework or read outside of class. He said it reminded him of a story he read in one of our books--Survivors (by Scholastic). He said he started the book when he got home from school, took a break and read until bedtime. This is amazing! When he is finished, he will trade his book with another student who is reading Grafitti Moon. Thank you for the books! and recommendations! This is awesome! Thank you.

So if there are other teen librarians out there who feel like their outreach efforts are for naught, share in this small victory with me and keep doing what you're doing!

Happy National Library Week!