Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heart and Soul

I LOVE Kadir Nelson, check out my facial expression here:
Children's Book Festival, San Diego, 2009

And his lastest book is another artistic masterpiece. I want this book to win the Caldecott Award this year. Seriously. His work is always beautiful; the paintings and illustrations can only be described as breathtaking. This book, written in the same style as We are the Ship wonderfully gives a history lesson through a visual narrative. I got a little confused during Chapter 6; I couldn't figure out if "Pap" and "Grandaddy" were the same person because in Chapter 5 Pap was a sharecropper and in Chapter 6 he is a Buffalo Soldier. Despite that issue, I think this is a must-read for every student--the history of black America is wonderfully personified through one family's experiences. It should definitely be out on display all of February in public libraries at a minimum. For a better review, sans gushing, check out Mr. Schu Reads