Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All IMLS, LSTA Funding in Jeopardy | American Libraries Magazine

Anna and I are 2010 Eureka! Leadership Institute fellows. We are both working on projects that will help parenting teens provide an educational foundation for their children by bringing early literacy enriched storytimes to the mothers at their respective high schools. The bottom line goal for both of our projects is simple: teach teen moms how to read and select materials for their children, so they can give their children the tools for success.

 Although we did not write the proposals together (and did not know what the other one was working on until we arrived at the Institute) we are collaborating as much as possible to help stretch our money. We are currently waiting for the grant funds to arrive, and today we learned that funding might not ever come. Check out this article: All IMLS, LSTA Funding in Jeopardy American Libraries Magazine and then please write/email/call your rep today.