Friday, May 27, 2011

Laminate my heart away

I was checking out some library blogs last week and saw a link for Mel's Desk. Literally fell in love with and was inspired by a bunch of the flannel sets she has created. Mel uses a lot of laminated clip art, which is perfect for me because I am not crafty (and no longer have a crafty volunteer) and love the hot laminator machine we have. I attempted the "A Hunting we will Go" rhyme set for the Transportation storytime this morning and it didn't work out too well with my two year olds, but I am still determined. I will give it another go next week with my infants and see how it flows.

I also decided to make a prop set for the traditional nursery rhyme of "Baa Baa Black Sheep". About three weeks ago I said to one of my teen mom groups, "Now we are going to sing a traditional rhyme that I am sure most of you know" and they all told me after I went through the rhyme once that they had never heard it before. I was shocked and wanted to laugh/cry. I taped them on to handles thinking this would be the best way to perform the rhyme, but now I think I am going to put some velcro on the back and see how that goes. Because I like Raffi's version of the rhyme, where he sings about different colored sheep, I mixed it up a little. Here is the final product: