Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday @ ALA Annual 2011

I arrived last night and met up with my roomie, fellow blogger Joanna, and my sister. Yes, it is hot and muggy but WOW torrential down pour? Who knew. Ran into a few library pals at dinner, looks like we have taken over the city already.

Today proved much nicer weather wise, well at least so far no rain. The crew hit up the tourist hot spot Cafe du Monde for beignets

Jo headed off to the Movers & Shakers lunch, my sister and I wandered around the French Market--good times, I would say put this on your list to do if you're visiting. Tonight it's time to get into library mode with 3 publisher socials.

 Stay tuned!

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Allison said...

How fun!! Hope you're all having a fabulous time.