Friday, October 21, 2011

Mobile Stories

Mobile Stories is a partnership program between my library (San Diego Public) and  MEDIA ARTS Center San Diego (MACSD) where teens learn how to use mobile phone technology to become journalists. Teens are empowered to record stories from their perspective in their communities while simultaneously learning the latest in cell phone technology (iPhone 4s).

Here is the information blurb from the Mobile Stories site:
Mobile Stories is a FREE after school program that will use the popularity of mobile phone technology to connect local youth (ages 9-18 years old) with the extensive resources available at their local library in a format that is both current and easily accessible. The library recognizes the ubiquity of cell phone technology; the need for under-represented youth to express their voices regarding news and events in their neighborhoods; and Mobile Stories potential to connect youth and their interests and needs with the information and resources of the library.

  • Use iPhone 4s to record news blogging
  • Audio and music recording
  • Digital photography
  • Learn how to be a reporter
  • Live web casting
  • FREE snacks and more!
Two branches are currently participating (Central and Logan Heights) and I hope we get more started. Projects like this are so great to me because it is all about community partnership and learning. The Youth Services Librarians had a pretty rad training session today with the folks from Media Arts Center so we got to experience exactly what the teens experienced on their first day of the program. Dave and I filmed a hilarious video clip where he talked about the Lord of the Rings movies, but unfortunately it didn't get uploaded. There are still other good clips from librarians at the training and students so check them out via YouTube