Monday, April 11, 2011

I is for . . .

Ice Cream!!!

Or rather how to throw an ice cream party at the library.

Often at the La Mesa Library we have celebrations where we serve food. Usually this consists of cake cut up into very small pieces to feed the large number of people who come to events with food. However, we have braved ice cream parties a few times. I have learned a few things while doing them.

1. Get individual sized portions. They are more expensive, but save time in scooping the ice cream and are much cleaner. You may have to pre-order with your grocery store if you are expecting a huge crowd.

2. Have several stations set up that have exactly the same toppings. The crowd will want the ice cream right away and having multiple stations will get the lines moving faster.

3. Don't offer too many toppings. Chocolate sauce, M&Ms, and maybe one other thing. Too many choices cause the kids to create huge messes and takes longer to serve. The individualized portions do not have that much room for many toppings, anyway.

4. Have a nondairy option for participants who are vegan or allergic to dairy.

5. Have enough for the adults, too! Who can resist ice cream?

6. Lastly, hold this event OUTSIDE! Any messes can be cleaned away by a good rain or spray of water.

Here are a few books to get you inspired:

Curious George Goes To an Ice Cream Shop by Margret Rey and Alan J. Shalleck.

I am an Ice Cream Truck by Ace Landers

Isaac the Ice-Cream Truck by Scott Santoro