Thursday, April 21, 2011

S is for...

Summer Reading!

It's that time again...summer is quickly approaching that means it's time for summer reading program. My library participates in the Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) and the theme this year is Travel and World Cultures. Here's what's on the agenda for our Teen Summer Reading Program.

Trip Around the World Kick-off Party - Teens will participate in a carnival-style event where they can visit different booths and experience food, crafts, books, and other activities from different countries and parts of the world. The highlight will be our henna tattoo artist!

In BeT(w)een Book Club Presents Books & Burritos - Chipotle is sponsoring this program where teens enjoy free burritos while I booktalk about hot new summer reads. I'm also hoping to have a ton of ARCs to pass out since this will be the day after I return from ALA Annual! I will also be distributing the books for our July book discussion.

Armchair Travelers with the Crafty C.A.T.S. - Armchair Travelers is a postcard pen pal exchange program coordinated by the California Library Association. My community service group will be enlightening their pen pals about all the Escondido has to offer!

Design a Luggage Tag Craft - Self explanatory! We're getting ours from Oriental Trading.

In BeT(w)een Book Club Discussion - I think we're going to read Four Things My Geeky Jock-of-a-Best-Friend Must Do in Europe by Jane Harrington. It's a little girly, but a cute, quick read. If you have other travel-related tween/teen books that might have more universal appeal, please comment!

Japanese Culture Club Finale Party - A celebration of everything Japanese including chopstick races, candy sushi, origami, anime, manga, and so much more!

What are you librarians out there doing to encourage your teens to celebrate summer and read FOR FUN?!?


Arlee Bird said...

Free stuff and activities is a great way to go in order to attract young people. Getting corporate and organizational sponsorships can be mutually beneficial and certainly cost effective for the library. Sounds like some fun things happening!

Tossing It Out

Sharon said...

Wish we lived in your neighborhood! Sounds like you have some really fun activities on the agenda.

Sharon Reece

Nicole said...

These are some exciting activities to promote reading. I would come to the Japanese one, the carnival one and the craft/pen pal exchange one if I was on your area. They definitely give me some ideas to do for my art events. I hope all of your activities turn out well and even better, I hope that the kids find new books to read and become more interested in continuing to read throughout the summer.

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