Friday, April 15, 2011

M Is For...

Music Programs!

Music is HUGE at my library! Currently we offer two ongoing music programs for children and teens. For children K-5th grade we have a Neighborhood Children's Choir that meets weekly and performs with the San Diego Children's Choir and other neighborhood choirs at venues like baseball games and other community events. This is a very structured program that provides high quality choral instruction and is very popular with our youth. Through a partnership with the SD Children's Choir we are able to provide FREE instruction and uniforms for children in the community that are interested in singing. It's great to watch the kids that participate in this grow vocally and form a bond with their peers and instructors.

For teens we have the teen music group "Project Unknown" that has become more than just a teen music group and has gotten involved in all things TEEN at the library. These teens volunteer, participate in teen council, conduct fundraisers, give presentations about library programs they participate in, perform at library and community events, make videos advocating for their library and are regular library users. For the past month I've been watching 6 "Project Unknown" members work on their video for the "Why I Need My Library" video contest and I could not be prouder of all of the effort and work they have put into this project. Their love and passion for music and their library has motivated them to write their own song for the library. This to me has shown tremendous growth as musicians and has motivated them to continue creating original works. Just last week I had a couple group members researching copyright law and asking me for books about how to copyright their music. I'm ecstatic that our library can provide a program for teens that meets their interests as well as inspires them to get involved at the library in different capacities.

I was hoping to post a link of the teen library music video here, but the group has decided to take an extra day to polish up the video and work on their credits. Their plan is to furnish a teen space if they win this contest. Funny thing is that I overheard them today tossing around ideas of how they can raise money to create and furnish a teen space if they don't win...there is a rumor of a youth music concert in the works.

Check out these behind the scenes pictures of "Project Unknown" making the video!